The Harlem Shake



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Some of you may have heard or seen the Harlem Shake before but if you have missed it, it is a 30 seconds YouTube video in which one person is wearing a mask or a helmet and is dancing alone in public. The others around the person at first seem oblivious to this and  after 15 seconds in the song, the same people who were ignoring this seem to start dancing wildly wearing crazy costumes and using strange props.

A lot of organizations, schools and workplaces seem to be joining in and trying to make the most creative Harlem Shake YouTube video. This viral dance routine is receiving a great deal of media attention around the world but this can easily turn into a reason for jobs to be at risk as people may have been believed to be exposing themselves to a needless risk at work and ignoring the safety procedures.

A group of miners in Western Australia gained media attention as more than a dozen workers were sacked after they decided to make their own Harlem Shake YouTube video. The company sacked 15 minors as it is believed that the minors ignored company’s “core values and safety procedures” during this routine. Here’s the video of the minors in Western Australia..





It’s finally Friday!!!!

I want to finish the week by talking about something I really love and that’s YouTube!!! Out of all the different types of social media that we have talked about, I can say that YouTube is definitely my favourite. I use YouTube almost everyday.. I use it to watch movies, music videos, beauty gurus, DIY ideas <3, recipes (I can’t really cook though), reviews on products and much more.

The best thing is you don’t need to sign up to use YouTube as you only need to become a member to comment, like a video or upload your own videos. There are a lot of artists who use YouTube to promote their talent. They can earn $$ by having a certain number of subscribers (1,000 I believe). Each time someone subscribes or clicks on an ad in the video, the artist will receive money.

I have an account with YouTube so I can see myself using it to upload videos, whether that’s personal videos or videos to promote the library. I think since YouTube is something anyone can use, it would be beneficial to upload videos of any events, upcoming events, activities in library (Story time or a tour of the library) to promote and gain attention of children, young adults and adults.

Give YouTube a go if you haven’t already and I hope you love it as much as I do!!

Happy Friday 🙂




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Before doing the Social Media course at Tafe, I never had a chance to experiment with Flickr. As you may already know, I am not a big fan of these media tools for personal use but I am all for using these tools to connect with my customers.

Flickr can be a useful tool to gain attention of young adults as it allows the users to post, tag photos and share it with their friends and family. Many people may use it to upload their personal photos but it has a great potential for business use as well. Once I start working in the library, I am planning to use Flickr for:

-> Designing slide shows for presentation for students, conferences with my colleagues.

-> Flickr also provides an option to link your photos to other social media such as Facebook and Twitter, which enables library users to have easy access to photos of the library, activities, events and facilities.



In the last post, I discussed how I feel about Facebook. In this post, I want to move on to look at one of the other most used social platforms.

Twitter is a tool that is used by almost all of us to follow our friends, favorite celebrities or any organizations we want to receive updates for. I was a twitter addict whilst I was at university as I used it frequently to follow any updates from my tutors or lecturers, talk to my peers about assignments etc. It was a tool I had to use on a daily basis!

Twitter has a format that is quite interesting as it allows people to have a conversation with each other by using 140 characters. Twitter gives you updates on the people you are following. I might start using Twitter again once I am working for the library. It would come in quite handy when the library needs to make quick updates about any events, listen to what others are saying about the library.

I hope your guys find this blog useful!

I’ll be looking at Flickr next so stay tuned!!


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How I feel about Facebook?


Facebook is probably the most used social networking website in the world. It is used by people to keep in touch with their friends and family on the other side of the globe, make new friends or even meet someone special locally or overseas. Employers use Facebook for various purposes such as using Facebook to check whether the employees are calling in sick and going to beach, inviting employees to a social event or even find out more information on new employees.

I feel that Facebook can be a very useful tool if used appropriately for business or personal purposes. I am currently working in travel insurance where I always get worried parents call up to purchase insurance on behalf of their children. After talking to the parents, I have learnt that young adults travelling alone to new places keep in touch with their parents via Facebook. If a policy needs to be extended, children normally send a private message on Facebook and talk to parents.

Personally for me, I no longer have a Facebook as I only like to communicate with my friends and family over the phone or face to face but I see a lot of potential in Facebook if used appropriately. In the future, I would love to work on a Facebook page to add posts, reply to any comments or feedback, post interesting updates to gain attention of the users.

Now that you all know how I would use Facebook, I would love to hear about your experiences and if you use it for personal or professional purposes.

How do libraries use social media?


Social media these days is used for not just personal reasons to keep in touch with your friends but also for work purposes. You will find that majority of the libraries will have some sort of social media that is used to respond and connect with the customers on a daily basis.

Social media can benefit libraries as this provides an opportunity for libraries to deal with customer’s feedback or complaints. For example, libraries can use Facebook for marketing (launch of a new book or a DVD) and to create library awareness and if there is a complaint, it can be dealt with online so there’s a resolution. Libraries also use social media to publicize their libraries, services, events and collections.  Some libraries also have eBooks, and eAudiobooks that the existing users can gain access to from home.

If you guys would like more information on how libraries use social media, feel free to view this article as it explores and compares how different libraries use social media to interact with the users.

Tiny Books for Tiny People


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About this time last year, I was celebrating my nephew’s first birthday. He’s a just few weeks away from getting two candles on his cake and there’s a little sister due to arrive any day now (I have St. Patty’s day in the due-date pool). We’re getting more into books now – at least when he isn’t ripping pages out in an effort to see what happens next – and if I have to read the books, I might as well pick some that I’ll enjoy, too.

We don’t normally feature children’s books on here (we like to leave such things to our friends over at the lovely Story Pockets blog), but for my fellow aunts and uncles out there wanting to step up their story time game, these books are ones to add to your rotation.

The Monster at the End of This Book – Spoiler alert: the monster…

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